Indian Curry

A taste of India in Cologne

Curry… a beloved ingredient that is used in both German and Indian cuisines. If you want to know more about India beyond its stereotypes you may like to visit the 5th edition of the “India in Cologne” week currently held. Presentations, workshops and events cover different India-related themes, such as business, culture and religion.

Our recommendations (as the overall program is very diverse):

– Forum on education and professional needs: preparing for diversity, change and opportunities (12th of June – starting at 14:00h, University of Cologne, Seminar Bldg. 106)

– German-Indian Round Table (GIRT) about the business and cultural aspects of working together with experts talking about their point of view (13th of June – starting at 18:30h, “Im Roten Ochsen”, Thummarkt 7)

– 11th Indo German ICT conference 2013, towards a shared economy (13/14 of June – several locations and times, see program link below)

India is rapidly developing country. One interesting trend to be especially aware of is the growth of India’s working-age population.

The Economist wrote lately that India will soon have a fifth of the world’s working-age population. Although this sounds impressive, the country’s record on job creation has been poor and manufacturers still take it easy on labour rules (The Economist). Besides these factors weigthing upon employment, the workforce is also depended on how people grow up. Coming from affluent families will help to obtain a MBA while being raised in rural environments, parents make sacrificies for their kids to attend school as long as possible. But wherever someone grew up –  all Indians have the ambition and drive to be successful so that the whole family can benefit from it (source: Clear Ideas).

So here lies one big challenge for India: creating about 10 million jobs a year to deal with the estimated 300 million people joining the workforce between 2010 and 2040.

For more insights, we recommend to visit the “Kölner Indienwoche” and read the following articles from The Economist and Clear Ideas.

The whole program of the “Kölner Indienwoche” can be found here