Brand transformation lecture, University of Cologne – Transforming brands in a digitalized world. Why agility needs to be the new normal.

Consistency is a luxury that no longer exists with change inherent in all facets of today’s global brand management.

Students from the University of Cologne learned how a global industrial giant is experiencing such change as it is transforming into a pioneering technology leader – from insights to strategy, design and experience development, to brand implementation. On June 19th, Carina Hauswald and Martina Leodari, Managing Director and Junior Consultant at globeone in Zurich, deep-dived into this revolutionary conversation about how technology drives B2B brands, posing new requirements for brand experts, and why agility needs to be the new normal.


Since 2013, globeone has collaborated with Prof. Dr. Völckner, Chair for Marketing and Market Research at the University of Cologne, delivering guest lectures on global brand and communication strategies. As a sponsor of The Center for Brand Management and Marketing (“Zentrum für Markenmanagement und Marketing – ZMM”), we are actively involved on this unique platform, ensuring the ongoing exchange between the academic and corporate world by providing students with insight into our daily work.