How to make brand strategy elements measurable in order to evaluate business impact of strategy adjustments and media campaign performance?


A well-known global fashion brand strived for revitalizing its brand image from the founding days and increasingly activate younger female consumers. New brand values were defined internally and supposed to be established though an on- and offline campaign. The goal of the brand tracking was to measure the brand status and image in the different age segments to calibrate the strategy accordingly.


globeone analysed the existing brand performance measuring tools and developed a tailored concept for the brand image and campaign performance measurement. The concept contained a sequence of pre- and post-campaign consumer surveys, which inquired the key elements of new strategy. The survey was conducted by a third party provider and steered by globeone.
The resulting data was analysed in detail and benchmarked to key competitors, which resulted a positive evaluation of the business opportunities seized by the new strategy. Nevertheless, significant room for improvement and optimization, to attain the ambitious goals most efficiently, was detected. The detailed report and the strategic implications derived by globeone were reflected in the further development of the campaign in a self-similar format.