Brand architecture

Key Questions

What does coherent brand architecture look like? How can brand architecture be developed to leverage the USP of each sub-brand while contributing to the overall business strategy, both short term and long term?



  • Conduct internal screening of business and brand strategies, brand portfolio and associations, brand assets and USPs, as well as brand value synergies
  • Conduct external analysis of competitive brand strategies and architecture as well as customer preferences and purchase drivers
  • Organize brands according to strategic importance to achieve maximum competitive advantage and investment efficiency
  • Develop a strategic brand architecture model
    • Define the structure and hierarchies of brands within the corporate portfolio – how are they related and how do they support each other?
    • Choose brand architecture with best strategic fit (monolithic, endorsed, etc.)
    • Define how sub-brands strengthen the strategic objectives of the corporate brand and which brands should be retained, merged or divested
  • Determine visual brand identity that reflects defined architecture
  • Support the internal and external roll-out of new brand architecture



  • Opportunity for significant value creation through the strengthening of overall brand equity and clarification of brand offering
  • Efficient use of brand building resources through more strategic brand management


Potential brand architecture routes

Brand architecture – Potential brand architecture routes