Brand messaging

Key Questions

How can the verbal elements of a brand be articulated and codified? What are key brand messages, proof points, and positioning statements that are in line with the overarching strategic positioning and communication concepts?



  • Gain an understanding of the internal and external perspective, including:
    • Internal capabilities (what are the brands’ USPs, etc.)
    • Competitive positioning and key messages
    • Customer insights (preferences, interest, purchase behavior, etc.)
  • Find the common denominator among these perspectives and derive a framework / matrix of key brand messages and statements
  • Based on this framework elaborate on proof points and develop more detailed messages for a comprehensive message compendium



  • Clearly defined framework of key brand messages to ensure consistent and integrated communication across all measures and channels


USP matrix

Brand messaging – USP matrix


Messaging for different target markets

Brand messaging – Messaging for different target markets