Brand name development & testing

Key Questions

What is the ideal brand name for a specific product / service with regard to the target markets and groups?



  • Gain understanding of the product, its capabilities and USPs, as well as future plans and expectations regarding new brand name
  • Gain understanding of target markets and groups (e.g. language, culture, preferences)
  • Develop different creative naming scenarios with respective name proposals (e.g. sport, premium, value for money, etc.) in the relevant languages (e.g. English, Chinese, German)
  • Strategic evaluation and shortlist of proposed names
  • Linguistic, cultural and legal check of specific as well as related names
  • Name testing through market research (e.g. focus groups)
  • Name recommendation for client selection
  • Legal brand registration in relevant markets



  • Officially registered brand name that ideally fits product positioning as well as target market


Brand name development process

Brand name development & testing – development process


Successful brand name characteristics

Brand name development & testing – Successful brand name characteristics