Brand performance survey

Key Questions

How do the corporate and related product brands perform versus the competition in key markets and segments? What are the main brand and sales drivers, as well as relevant growth indicators?



  • Define survey content and objectives, e.g. brand performance evaluation, including brand status, brand image, brand love, and leadership perception in the digital space
  • Develop integrated survey design aligned to industry-specific requirements, including method, sample size, industry population quota, purchase process, and regional focus
  • Develop tailored questionnaire blueprint
  • Conduct a successful and professional survey in relevant markets with selected fieldwork partners
  • Conduct thorough analysis of raw data
  • Develop a comprehensive research report with clear actionable points



  • Insights into brand performance in relevant markets and segments
    • Brand and purchase drivers, as well as potential for further brand growth
    • Strategic recommendations for the overall management of global and local marketing and communication planning
  • Definition of clear quantitative brand and communication targets as a part of an overall KPI system


Brand performance screen

Brand performance survey – Brand performance screen


Analysis of brand perception

Analysis of brand perception