Brand positioning in China

Build up an optimal and China-specific brand positioning and identity to ensure local market success.



Brand Strategy development

Whether you are launching a new brand in China, have acquired a brand or are planning to re-position a brand in China, we can support you in this crucial process. Based on valid facts and a proven methodology we guide you through the process of a market-driven positioning with Chinese characteristics to ensure that your brand fully supports your business in China.


Brand optimization for the Chinese market

We also support you in optimizing existing brands to better reflect locally relevant aspects in China’s aggressive market place. Empower your brand with a market-driven positioning and locally-adjusted development plan, without diluting your global core values. A brand optimization is always closely aligned with the overall corporate strategy and a thorough understanding of the local market.


Integrated campaign development & communication planning

We help you to identify, prioritize and plan targeted initiatives and activities for defined channels to bring the overall positioning and communication strategy to life. We develop a communication plan that is tailor-made for the Chinese market and helps to reach your business goals in an effective way.


Market entry strategy

The Chinese market, its diverse customer groups and fierce competition by global and local players can be a huge challenge. Prioritization and a clear focus is key to success. We help you to define strategic routes to successfully enter the diverse Chinese market and to strategically expand over time.


Chinese brand name development

We develop meaningful and impactful Chinese brand names that reflect linguistic and cultural specifics, meet the target customers’ needs and ideally convey your brand promise in the brand name.


Brand & CI development for the Chinese market

We develop or adjust your visual identity to ensure a targeted, differentiated, impressive, and effective delivery of your brand message in the Chinese market.