Brand value drivers & segmentation

Key Questions

Which brand segments hold the greatest potential for business success? What functional and emotional preferences and behaviors best characterize the target groups? What are the real brand value drivers?



  • Evaluate customers in relevant B2B and B2C target market (including lifestyles, behaviors, and socio-economic situation) taking cultural specifics into special consideration (e.g. cultural values and barriers, transitional factors, habits, lifestyles)
  • Identify subsets of customers with common needs as a basis for a quantitative classification or clustering into segments, including value indication
  • Describe key differences between target segments, considering key brand value drivers, purchase and media channel preferences, and loyalty drivers
  • Analyze competitor brand penetration per target segment
  • Track segment growth and evaluate future growth potential



  • Target group segmentation based on key factors such as real brand value drivers
  • Strategic direction for optimized business and brand growth
  • Implications for targeted messaging as well as media and sales channel planning


Clustering approach

Brand value drivers & segmentation – Clustering approach


Target market segments

Brand value drivers & segmentation – Target market segments