Content & channel strategy

Key Questions

How can organizations effectively build and maintain relationships with all stakeholders across multiple channels? How can organizations develop a powerful and authentic corporate story that arouses emotions and creates meaningful differentiation in the long term?



  • Gain an understanding of the current internal climate and positioning as well as market and competitor landscape
  • Analyze customer behavior regarding topics of interest and preferred communication channels
  • Get inspired by fresh perspectives through trend-scouting
  • Filter out the final story concept, including content, messages, proof points and dramaturgy
  • Translate the concept into a detailed communication plan with the support of implementation tools that ensure coherence and consistency across key channels
  • Bring the story to life by planning, co-ordinating and implementing all communication activities



  • A unique corporate story that is integrated in to each corporate communication channel
  • Relevant, customer-centered content that is able to impact all stakeholders in the long term


Content and channel planningContent & channel strategy – Content and channel planning


Corporate storytelling process

Content & channel strategy – Corporate storytelling process