Growth & portfolio strategy

Key questions

What potential growth opportunities exist and what are the key business growth drivers? What does a targeted brand portfolio strategy look like and how does it play in to the identified growth opportunities? When and how should a brand enter a strategic market or a new customer segment?



  • Identify growth opportunities through screening internal capabilities and external environment
  • Evaluate and identify realistic expansion targets and KPIs based on future global and local business objectives
  • Develop possible expansion scenarios, including thorough evaluation (e.g. SWOT analysis) of all relevant options considering industry-specific growth variables
  • Define topics to be included in the market assessment (e.g. legal and regulatory situation, consumer segments, and competitive assessment)
  • Develop a business case, including market attractiveness, ease of entry, partner screening, and economic analysis
  • Create detailed expansion roadmap defining clear to-dos for all stakeholders, chronology of events and budget allocation



  • Identification and evaluation of relevant expansion scenarios
  • Detailed strategic expansion roadmap considering all relevant stakeholders and success factors
  • Thorough evaluation of internal factors and market requirements necessary for go-to-market decision


Definition of strategic expansion process

Growth & portfolio strategy - Definition of strategic expansion process


International expansion opportunities and risks

Growth & portfolio strategy – International expansion opportunities and risks