Integrated campaign development

Key Questions

How can the creative process be managed to develop a winning cross-channel creative campaign? What are key steps in ensuring the campaign effectively reaches defined targets?



  • Define campaign goals for each stakeholder group
  • Refine positioning strategy, customer insights, target group messages and first communication ideas
  • Define campaign architecture (e.g. role of corporate brand vs. product brands, emotional vs. functional approach, possible endorsements)
  • Develop several campaign paths and scenarios, each reflecting one creative idea and highlighting a different facet of the briefing
  • Develop campaign mechanics, e.g. ideal mechanism (chronology of information channel-and conversion-flow, etc.)
  • Narrate effective and compelling campaign story
  • Consolidate all items into a detailed creative briefing
  • Develop key campaign visuals and imagery designed for specific target groups and channels
  • Define and produce content, including visuals / moving images and copy text



  • Integrated creative communication campaign fully aligned with strategy
  • Turn-key measures across all relevant channels, including, print, digital, POS, event, etc.


Campaign mechanism

Integrated campaign development –Campaign mechanism


Campaign hierarchy

Integrated campaign development –Campaign hierarchy