Market & customer research

Understand specific characteristics of the Chinese market and learn how to best approach Chinese customers by evaluating market trends, customer and consumer preferences and identifying unmet needs and desires of the target customers.



Stakeholder mapping & analysis

Relationships can be a very tricky and complex issue in China. Use our professional research intelligence to identify your most relevant stakeholders in this specific environment and know their sentiment and interests in order to address them in the right manner.


Key competitor analysis

Get a comprehensive understanding of key players’ marketing and communication activities in the Chinese market to identify gaps and unmet needs as basis for successful local positioning strategy. Learn from best practice examples of leading competitors to help you tackle the Chinese market.


Brand performance analysis / brand tracking

Use our brand performance monitor to obtain a complete and realistic picture of how your brand is performing against competition in relevant Chinese target markets. We support with the definition of survey content and objectives, the identification of an appropriate target group and the development of a comprehensive research report with clear action points.


Campaign testing

Test your campaign before official launch in China to make sure your concepts, motifs, messages and visuals are all on the right track and that your campaign will perform successfully. Make use of the hidden purchase drivers and avoid the many culture and language based pitfalls that can easily lead a great campaign idea to fail in China.


Digital and social media status analysis

Digital and social media have been adopted by an increasing number of domestic and foreign brands as communication tools in China. Channels and user behavior differ to a great extent compared to Western markets. We help brands understand the digital landscape in China and generate the insights needed for a successful digital strategy.


Quantitative consumer & customer research

Quantitative research can help paint a broader picture and holistic understanding of Chinese socio-cultural specifics and how they impact your target customers’ purchase drivers. We analyze and evaluate purchase processes, channel preferences and other influencing factors to generate measurable results that serve as guidance for local marketing and communication planning.


Focus group research

Focus groups are a suitable way to generate qualitative insights about your target groups and can provide in-depth knowledge to derive multi-dimensional customer insights in B2C or B2B markets. We identify participants, develop focus group concepts, moderate meetings, and analyze and interpret the results to make sure you get the insights you need to be successful.