Organizational development

Key Questions

What is the ideal organizational structure to harness the full potential of a new market position or initiative? What steps and tools are needed to implement this change?



  • Achieve an understanding of the organization as a whole, including stakeholder structures and skill sets, company culture, and communication patterns and tools
  • Assess human capital risks and development areas
  • Develop an organizational change plan to optimize the current organizational structure based on the actual current requirements (structure follows strategy)
  • Identify, develop, and track useful internal communication channels and tools that reach all necessary departments and levels
  • Develop and roll out effective training strategies, including ambassadors’ / trainers’ training program
  • Facilitate leadership buy-in, e.g. through change management workshops
  • Establish long-term performance measurement and realignment processes



  • Clear process to guide the organization and relevant staff groups through the change process ensuring readiness to achieving overall strategic or operational goals
  • Set of turn-key training and communication measures to facilitate change within the organization using appropriate stakeholder-relevant channels


Transformation design and implementation

Organizational development – Transformation design and implementation


Optimization of organizational structure

Organizational development – Optimization of organizational structure