Project management & agency steering

Key question

How can a company ensure efficient project management with insufficient manpower? Which agency is the right partner to provide the missing competencies and resources? How can all responsible agencies be efficiently aligned and steered?



  • Clearly define/debrief project scope and overall objectives
  • Develop detailed project management plan, including milestones, deliverables, deadlines, resources, costs, roles, and responsibilities
  • Conduct project steering and moderation, including orchestration of all stakeholders
  • Develop project management toolboxes for a systematic international roll-out of initiatives and best practice learning
  • Provide ongoing evaluation and monitoring of project variables against predefined project management plan, including redefinition of priorities and resource allocation
  • Ensure risk planning and identification of corrective actions to get back on track
  • Conduct agency selection for roll-out of relevant initiatives
    • Develop briefing / tender document and conduct briefing
    • Supervise overall pitch and fee negotiation process
    • Provide consultation on which partner to select
  • Establish tools for efficient client-agency cooperation, e.g. review routines, status reports, etc.
  • Orchestrate and monitor all activities with regard to content, consistency, timing and budget



  • Smooth and efficient roll-out flow while overcoming of staff shortcomings
  • Effective selection of competent agency partners that fit the organization
  • Smooth and efficient client-agency co-ordination to ensure project success


Agency steering – Project management plan

Project management & agency steering –Project management plan


Agency steering – Agency coordination

Project management & agency steering –Agency coordination