Stakeholder mapping & strategy

Key Questions

How can the most relevant internal and external stakeholders be involved and aligned to support an initiative or campaign? How can individual needs and barriers be identified and overcome?



  • Identify and involve relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • Align stakeholders behind the most important objectives
  • Build and maintain common understanding and a joint decision-making platform
    • Manage expectations regarding the initiative
    • Integrate different opinions, expectations and needs
    • Facilitate communication and negotiation, e.g. through moderated stakeholder workshops or other stakeholder-specific communication tools
    • Coordinate ongoing activities to maintain contact and alignment of all stakeholders
    • Establish a short-to medium-term steering and decision-making platform or committee to ensure efficient progress of the initiative or project



  • Comprehensive understanding of stakeholders’ interests and needs
  • Building and strengthening of organizational relationships across stakeholder groups and departments to achieve strategic and/or operational goals
  • Effective rollout and tangible initiative results


Identification of relevant stakeholders

Stakeholder mapping & strategy – Identification of relevant stakeholders


Stakeholder needs mapping

Stakeholder mapping & strategy – Stakeholder needs mapping