Strategic positioning initiatives

Key Questions

How can brand positioning be brought to life with strategic initiatives? How can these initiatives be used to increase brand / product awareness and enter into dialogue with important stakeholders?



  • Define overarching strategic goals and rationale for the initiative
  • Gain a detailed understanding of ‘stakeholders’ and ‘communication topics’ as a basis for a tailored marketing initiative concept, including sales impact projections
  • Develop a strategic concept, including the definition of
    • Target groups
    • Topic framework and key messaging per business unit and region
    • Marketing / communication tools
    • Integrated roadmap
    • Event format
    • Engagement concept
    • KPIs
  • Design specific programs to execute initiatives (agenda, content, speaker, etc.)
  • Roll out initiatives
  • Conduct performance evaluation based on defined KPIs and measurement tools to identify success, insights, and enhancement opportunities



  • Targeted initiatives acting as strategic brand shapers that boost business performance
  • Generation of leads and cooperation opportunities with suitable partners, ensuring short and long-term business impact


Strategic positioning initiatives development

Strategic positioning initiatives – Strategic positioning initiatives development


Initiative implementation scenario

Strategic positioning initiatives – Initiative implementation scenario