Integrated COM planning

What communication activities will bring the optimized brand positioning and messaging to life? What channels and measures reach the right audiences effectively and efficiently?

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Strategic positioning initiatives

How can brand positioning be brought to life with strategic initiatives? How can these initiatives be used to increase brand / product awareness and enter into dialogue with important stakeholders?

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Stakeholder mapping & strategy

How can the most relevant internal and external stakeholders be involved and aligned to support an initiative or campaign? How can individual needs and barriers be identified and overcome?

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Content & channel strategy

How can organizations effectively build and maintain relationships with all stakeholders across multiple channels? How can organizations develop a powerful and authentic corporate story that arouses emotions and creates meaningful differentiation in the long term?

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Project management & agency steering

How can a company ensure efficient project management with insufficient manpower? Which agency is the right partner to provide the missing competencies and resources? How can all responsible agencies be efficiently aligned and steered?

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Presentation development

How can a company’s key messages be presented in a concise and consistent way? How can relevant content be delivered in the right tonality in the most effective way possible? How can all presentation materials be aligned with the corporate identity?

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