Brand performance survey

How do the corporate and related product brands perform versus the competition in key markets and segments? What are the main brand and sales drivers, as well as relevant growth indicators?

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Market structure analysis

What is the current structure of the target market? What are the sales and acceptance barriers of a brand or product in a specific market or culture?

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Competitive benchmarking

How do competitors perform in various key dimensions in relevant markets and segments? How are they strategically positioned and what are important gaps?

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Customer insights

What are unmet needs and desires of local target groups? What are purchase and decision patterns of the target customers? What are main factors driving or limiting conversion to business?

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Customer journey mapping

What do customer journeys of key customers/clients look like, and what does this indicate about how they should be interacted with across different channels? Where are the most significant opportunities for building a better customer experience?

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Brand value drivers & segmentation

Which brand segments hold the greatest potential for business success? What functional and emotional preferences and behaviors best characterize the target groups? What are the real brand value drivers?

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