Market-driven positioning

How can a truly market-driven positioning be defined in a new growth market? How can a brand positioning be developed that optimizes local market recognition while not compromising global brand consistency?

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Growth & portfolio strategy

What potential growth opportunities exist and what are the key business growth drivers? What does a targeted brand portfolio strategy look like and how does it play in to the identified growth opportunities? When and how should a brand enter a strategic market or a new customer segment?

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Digital strategy

How can brand relevance be ensured as customer journeys become more and more digital? How can a firm achieve digital leadership within its own industry? How can customer-centric digital business models be created in line with the overall value proposition?

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CEO positioning

How can a CEO be strategically positioned as voice and face of his company? How do you make his or her communication more relevant to all stakeholders while clearly communicating the company’s strategic position?

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Organizational development

What is the ideal organizational structure to harness the full potential of a new market position or initiative? What steps and tools are needed to implement this change?

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