Corporate Storytelling




Key question

What processes can be implemented to increase revenue/market share by improving customer retention and satisfaction? How can ‘big data’ be used and analyzed to enhance dialogues and drive qualified lead development?



  • Examine current handling of customer inquiries, complaints, and customer relations in general
  • Define a (digital) CRM strategy
    • Align to mission and purpose of the organization
    • Reflect requirements and goals of sub-departments
    • Consider concrete and achievable business KPIs, such as repurchase/replacement rates, upselling targets, etc.
  • Identify and prioritize customer journeys and cycles to identify make-or-break situations and improvement points
  • Select appropriate software and process tools and implementation partners based on thorough needs and cost-benefit calculation
  • Ensure understanding of the overall CRM system and its intentions with top-management and key users through continuous training and coaching



  • Effective and tailored CRM solution suitable for the organization’s mission and objectives
  • Optimized overall customer experience aimed at increasing the organization’s business success


CRM along customer life cycle

Pic32_CRM along customer life cycle

CRM process and system design

Pic33_CRM process and system design