Customer segmentation>


Customer insight generation

Key questions

What are unmet needs and desires of local target groups? What are purchase and decision patterns of the target customers? What are main factors driving or limiting conversion?



  • Conduct strategic analysis of a variety of qualitative and quantitative data to derive comprehensive customer insights
    • Analyze key brand and purchase drivers (B2C/B2B)
    • Evaluate business models as well as product, service and campaign concepts
    • Understand brand perception in the local market in comparison to key competitors
    • Measure customer satisfaction among those with brand experience
    • Identify purchase process and channel preferences
    • Develop customized trend reports
    • Develop detailed press and media coverage analysis on specific issues
    • Set up, execute and manage additional semi-quantitative focus groups to complement research results with first-hand primary data



  • Multi-dimensional customer insights, e.g. detailed understanding of factors driving or limiting purchase decision
  • Identification of business opportunities such as:
    • Blank spot/unmet need
    • New product inspiration
    • Ways to reduce acceptance barriers or enhance customer satisfaction
    • Key drivers to make the brand more relevant in terms of positioning


Consumer profiling

Pic5_Consumer profiling

Brand perception analysis

Pic6_Brand perception analysis