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Digital brand development

Key question

How can brand relevance be ensured when customer journeys are becoming more and more digital? How can customer-centric digital business models be created in line with the overall value proposition?



  • Identify and analyze digital customer interaction with the brand and corresponding touch points (e.g. through target customer experience test)
  • Define relationship scenarios the brand could enter into with its customers (one-way communication vs. continuous dialogue, etc.)
  • Identify product/industry-relevant digital consumer journeys and lifecycle scenarios, including usage of comparison and recommendation platforms or verticals
  • Explore digital service and interaction design opportunities off the beaten path, e.g. by learning from global benchmarks from other industries
  • Select and further specify digital added-value services or extended digital business models and revenue streams in line with customer needs and overall brand mission and vision
  • ‘Digitalize’ the brand’s content and stories to achieve seamless integration across channels and devices



  • Clear and inspiring scenarios for overall brand digitalization
  • Highly customer-centric brand and business initiatives paving the way to digital excellence


Brand digitalization scenario

Pic30_Brand digitalization scenario

Digital customer journey

Pic31_Digital customer journey