Integrated campaign development

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Integrated marketing and COM planning

Key question

What marketing and COM activities will bring the optimized positioning and messages to life? What channels and measures reach the right audiences effectively and efficiently?



  • Identify and prioritize suitable campaigns, activities and marketing channels based on overall positioning and communication strategy
  • Develop a concrete action plan
    • Distinguish between quick-wins and long-term goals in overall time frame
    • Consider all elements of the communication mix, e.g. advertising, sales promotion, public relations, digital and social marketing
    • Prioritize and elaborate marketing activities for each product line involved
    • Allocate budgets across different channels for each activity and project phase
    • Consider alignment with further elements of the marketing mix (e.g. role of pricing in a campaign)
  • Develop overall build-up of the communication storyline across time and measures



  • Fully integrated marketing and communication plan translating strategic or operational goals into concrete phases, activities, and budgets


Integrated COM strategy

Pic24_Integrated COM strategy

Communication calendar

Pic25_Communication calendar