Integrated marketing and COM planning

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Internal COM audit

Key questions

How does the organization communicate to inform and align internal target groups? How effective are current activities, messages, and channels? How can key staff in growth markets be aligned to the global growth vision?



  • Screen all available materials, including internal communication tools, employee media, surveys, internal expert opinions, and management surveys
  • Understand employees’ view of internal communication
  • Describe main challenges and barriers of effective internal communication
  • Audit the internal communication organization and related systems (esp. content system, social interaction tools)
  • Identify channels that work most efficiently for internal communication to maximize  reach and information flow
  • Identify relevant content and interesting formats
  • Analyze internal COM and social media guidelines



  • Thorough status and effectiveness report on internal communication activity
  • Optimization of channels and tools for effective and efficient internal communication
  • Definition of relevant content and interesting formats for internal communication


Format and content definition

Pic11_Format and content definition

Internal channel analysis

Pic12_Internal channel analysis