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Market entry

Key questions

When and how should a brand enter a strategic market or a new market segment? How can internal and market requirements and roadblocks be assessed properly?



  • Define items for market assessment, and analysis thereof
    • Assess legal and regulatory situation
    • Analyze customer groups and end consumer segments (e.g. middle-class consumers)
    • Conduct a market distribution and competitive assessment
    • Asses internal capabilities
  • Develop business case, including but not limited to:
    • Market attractiveness and ease of entry
    • Partner analysis and pre-selection
    • Economic analysis, including business scenarios
  • Define concrete implications for a market entry roadmap and “go live” strategy



  • Thorough evaluation of internal factors and market requirements necessary for go-to-market decision
  • Clear definition of roadblocks to overcome and concrete next steps


Market fit evaluation

Pic15_Market fit evaluation

Choice of market entry strategy

Pic16_Choice of market entry strategy