Market entry

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Market structure analysis

Key questions

What is the current structure of the target market? What are the sales potential and acceptance barriers of a brand or specific product?


  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the target market based on secondary and primary data, e.g. review of relevant statistics, government reports, expert interviews, competitor analysis, store visits, consumer/customer interviews, and semi-quantitative focus group discussions
  • Understand market structures and specifics
  • Analyze macro- and micro-environments of the relevant industry
    • Analyze key trends and developments in the relevant industry as basis for identifying opportunities and challenges
    • Identify and analyze business models of main competitors and relevant niche players with respect to business benchmarks and best practices
    • Identify relevant current and future market drivers



  • Detailed understanding of the target market and related business potential for the brand or product
  • Comprehensive understanding of competitive landscape and related risks (e.g. category killers)


In-depth data screening

Pic3_In-depth data screening

Micro and macro market analysis

Pic4_Micro and macro market analysis