Marketing Performance Analyse



Marketing performance measurement

Key question

How can an organization measure how effectively marketing tools reach their goals and target groups? How can marketing efficiency be measured and optimized?



  • Revisit predefined marketing KPIs
  • Allocate KPIs to campaigns and initiatives
  • Develop efficient measurement tools, including metrics framework, appropriate tracking software, and data storage approach
  • Formalize measurements by defining business rules, roles, and responsibilities
  • Provide ongoing supervision and guidance for data collection and consolidation
  • Monitor and analyze online and offline marketing performance and consolidation in comprehensible dashboards
  • Ensure ongoing optimization of targeting and media spend to improve marketing ROI
  • Establish early-warning system, including KPI alerts and corrective action plan
  • Draft regular, comprehensive, high-level performance reports, including insights derived and business improvement potential identified



  • Efficient measurement tool as blueprint for further campaigns
  • Optimized marketing ROI
  • Implications for future success through faster and better marketing decisions


Marketing ROI measurement process

Pic38_Marketing ROI measurement process

KPI dashboard

Pic39_KPI dashboard