Organizational readiness

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Project management

Key question

How can a company roll out an important strategic initiative without sufficient manpower on the ground? What temporary or mid-term support functions can be created?


  • Clearly define/debrief project scope and overall objectives
  • Develop detailed project management plan, including milestones, deliverables, deadlines, resources, costs, roles, and responsibilities
  • Conduct project steering and moderation, including orchestration of all stakeholders involved
  • Develop project management toolboxes for a systematic international roll-out of initiatives and best practice learning
  • Secure headquarters support through flexibly deployable ‘steering unit’
    • Closely align all business unit/local market department activities
    • Compensate for staff shortcomings
    • Secure that local planning and implementation meets headquarter expectations
    • Collect and integrate all relevant documents and materials
    • Secure local market project management expertise
  • Provide ongoing evaluation and monitoring of project variables against predefined project management plan, including redefinition of priorities and resource allocation
  • Ensure risk planning and identification of corrective actions to get back on track


  • Smooth and efficient roll-out flow
  • Overcoming of staff shortcomings


Required action overview

Pic36_Required action overview

Project management plan

Pic37_Project management plan