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B2B Companies Increase Spending on Brand Strategy

A new study by Boston-based consultancy Spencer Brenneman, a brand transition specialist, makes an interesting and promising forecast: „In the…

Asia Business Insights 2017

The vote for the US president has disturbed the world’s political and economic order. The protectionist policies supported by the…

When emotional becomes the new rational

Brand Building and Marketing in Key Emerging Markets 25 Strategies and Frameworks for Brand Growth Part VI Welcome to our…

Optimistic Chinese consumers fuel retail sales and the rest of the world

According to the Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, the optimism of the Monkey year overlaps the year of the Rooster, which…

globeone launches new China Competence Center

For Chinese people all over the world, Saturday, January 28, will ring in the year of the Rooster. According to…

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