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Market-driven positioning: Only the best value proposition guarantees success

Insiders have known it all along: When foreign companies succeed in growth markets, half of the success factors are directly…

Global, hybrid or local: Four decision factors for the right degree of adaptation to the target market

The successful positioning of a brand is part of the high art of marketing. Based on complex factors, a concept…

From brand image to purchase activation: 4 stumbling blocks in brand communication

Again and again, brand managers underestimate the simple fact that brands are first and foremost created in the minds of…

Successful internationalization of brands – It’s all about the right start!

Despite the protectionist demeanor in Washington D.C., German companies have realized record investments abroad in 2017, according to the German…

Book launch: Successful Brand Development in Major Emerging Markets

Niklas Schaffmeister and Florian Haller close an important gap with their new book Two renowned brand experts have published their…

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