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Brand New World: The Paradigm Shift in B2B Communications – Part I

Part I:  New Value Chains are Altering the Role Allocation  The Business world is firmly focusing on digital transformation. Companies…

Media Trends 2017 – Revealing Major Touch Points between Journalists and Brands

“News aktuell”, a subsidiary of Germany´s leading news agency dpa, has just released its “Media Trend Monitor 2017.” The paper…

Digital Media Upheaval and the Transformation of Communication

Digital news proliferation, shrinking circulation numbers, information overload and a burst of communication channels: In the new information age media…

China Speech 2017 – Industrie-Club Düsseldorf

On June 20th Johannes Dietsch, CFO at Bayer AG, provided an outlook on challenges and opportunities arising from global mega…

Brands in Crisis – How to stay in Control when Disaster happens

Product failures, emissions cheating, deadly accidents, violence against airline passengers. It seems that brands are getting into hot waters almost…

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