B2B Companies Increase Spending on Brand Strategy

A new study by Boston-based consultancy Spencer Brenneman, a brand transition specialist, makes an interesting and promising forecast: „In the next five years, 81.3% of business-to-business (B2B) companies expect to invest more in their brand strategies.“ The study, according to the PR Newswire announcement, „quantifies the connection between B2B business performance and brand investment.“ The study is based on interviews with 150 B2B marketing executives.

A key result oft he study: A majority of managers expect „a modest increase of up to 20% or a larger one between 21-40%.“ Over the past five years 86.7% already increased their spending.


“We wanted to quantify the connection between strong B2B business performance and the right brand strategy. Even we were surprised by the results”, explained Spencer Brenneman president Douglas Spencer.

In precise numbers the result is as follows: „82.3% of the organizations that increased their spending saw the larger investments pay off. The biggest area where this payoff occurred was increasing sales and landing additional customers, which was true for 56% of those who cited a specific payoff.“ Continual research even improved those results, the study claims.

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