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United Against The Coronavirus – Examples of More or Less Successful Corporate Communication

The extent of the social and economic impact resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic is still...
Corporate Newsroom

Corporate Newsrooms – The Organizational Foundation For Successful Communication

If you had talked to communications managers about a “corporate newsroom” five years ago, they would...
Brand Transformation

Brand Transformation Interview: With Carina Hauswald Managing Partner, Globeone Zurich

“At the end of the transformation, there must be a brand that satisfies both customers and stakeholders”...
Branded House vs House of Brands

Branded House or House of Brands: The Role of The Corporate Brand in International Brand Building

Branded House vs House of Brands Increasing competition in international brand building, escalating advertising costs and...
Horizontal Brand Expansion

Horizontal Brand Expansion Using The Brand Image For Other Product Categories

Brand Expansion In recent years, offering very different product categories under one brand umbrella has become...
vertical brand stretching

How Vertical Brand Stretching Opens Up Further Income Groups

Vertical Brand Stretching Business in growth markets has become increasingly important for multinational companies over the...
Brand Safety Plan

Brand Safety Plan Brands Are Taking Back Control Over Media Spend

Do you know exactly where your ads are placed? Probably not, at least not all the...
CEO Positioning Article

CEO Positioning How The Boss Can Support Your Brand

When Forbes presented its latest annual list of the world´s 10 most powerful CEOs in December...