35 days of

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At Globeone, we promote a well-rounded lifestyle. We believe that taking a break to recharge and pursue own passions is essential for maintaining peak performance and igniting transformation both for Globeone and our clients. Which is why we offer 35 vacation days, providing employees with ample opportunities to explore new horizons, invest in personal projects […]

One team,
one dream

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This is our philosophy. At Globeone, we are convinced that we achieve the best results as a team. We can always rely on each other – even in particularly challenging phases, we pull together across locations to lead projects to success. Of course, we also have fun! At regular team events, we celebrate joint successes, […]


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At Globeone, we are looking for individuals who aspire to cultivate their professional and personal growth. From our side, we are committed to supporting our employees on their unique path to development. With our internal program “GOLD” (Globeone Learning & Development), we offer access and promote participation in various paid courses from renowned institutions, e.g., […]


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As a boutique consultancy, we work closely with our clients, with the principal goal of making a measurable difference. Whether you are just starting out or moving up the career ladder, a steep learning curve is guaranteed due to the variety of topics and projects. In addition, exercises in quick decision-making and opportunities to shoulder […]

Committed to
equal pay

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At Globeone, we offer a transparent, competitive salary package that reflects not only our ambition and culture, but also strong commitment to equal pay principles. One of our top priorities is to make sure that all employees are valued and compensated fairly.