Charging ABB’s purpose-driven brand through a global activation platform

How to activate purpose at scale?

ABB had recently undergone a brand repositioning process, laying the ground for the brand to drive an overall business transformation. However, how to activate a purpose-driven brand in a business relevant way at scale? To achieve this, the company had to take the next step in its brand strategy as a truly purpose-driven brand, putting customers, employees and sustainability in focus and winning new audiences globally.

Introducing the ABB Formula E Championship.

Globeone has supported ABB in the development and implementation of its truly groundbreaking partnership with Formula E. As part of the overall project steering team, Globeone helped ABB to create an ideal platform for the activation of the ABB brand, by coordinating and managing different internal workstreams, supporting the concept development for different engagement activities, and bringing together internal and external stakeholders to ensure the integration of the ABB Formula E partnership into the ABB organization.

Defining the roadmap of electric mobility.

This new era of strategic partnership has significantly boosted the ABB brand. The platform has helped to emotionalize ABB, and strongly supported the customer facing activities of ABB. Additionally, it has provided the unique opportunity to highlight its expertise in electrification and leadership in electric vehicle charging solutions while building the profile as a purpose-driven technology pioneer.

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