Creating an integrated communication strategy for the leading multi-brand player in intra-logistics

KION: shaping the future of material handling.

The KION Group is the largest manufacturer of industrial trucks in Europe and the second-largest in the world as well as a global leader in automation technology. Over many years of operation and after a few strategic acquisitions, KION Group includes several leading brands that dominate the material handling solutions industry: e.g. Linde, Still, Dematic. Now, Group Corporate Communication needs to ensure value creation through an integrated and strategic communication approach for the multi-brand organization across various regions.

Positioning KION as a leader of integrated supply chain solutions.

Over a few weeks of preparation and multiple interactive sessions, the strategic direction of KION’s Corporate Communication was developed and converted into a structural framework, relevant for KION Group’s positioning, as well for the Operating Units on the global level. The focus was to continue developing strategic messaging and overall communication themes derived by Corporate Strategy in a way that complimented KION’s organizational setup and internal characteristics. This approach was further enhanced with pragmatic communication channels management planning and was translated into targeted change management activities to boost the strategic direction internally.


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