Developing an inspiring purpose-driven positioning & brand identity for the new global leader in agriculture

Forming a new business leader.

With the launch of Syngenta Group in 2020, a new agricultural business leader emerged. The Swiss-based group draws strength from its four business units – Syngenta Crop Protection headquartered in Switzerland, Syngenta Seeds headquartered in the United States, ADAMA® headquartered in Israel and Syngenta Group China. With the formation, a new brand strategy had to be developed including the definition of the role of the Group and business unit brands.

Launching a new brand strategy.

Globeone supported Syngenta Group in a 360° purpose-driven brand development. The process was initiated by defining a new global as well as China-focused brand strategy for the respective entities. Through the proposal of a unique brand model the Group brand and the business unit brands were able to unfold their full potential by catering to customer needs tailored to their corresponding target market. The anchoring of the brand identity was attained through an array of brand activation campaigns for Syngenta Group and a related sound development project.

Moving forward with Syngenta Group.

Today Syngenta Group is a strong brand representing its global business units jointly, transforming agriculture and fighting climate change at a global and local level. Globeone continues to support the Syngenta Group’s management team in jointly building and enhancing the brand experience.

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