Enabling agile work around the globe at its best with a fully digital corporate newsroom

How to make Corporate Communications agile & ready for New Work?

With the increasing demand for agility, responsiveness, creativity in communication – Covestro, a leading polymers manufacturer with a revenue of 12 billion USD, sought to future-proof its corporate communication organization by implementing a corporate newsroom – with Globeone as a long-standing co-pilot.

Moving away from the silo mentality: The Communication Hub

Globeone accompanied the complete newsroom process: from concept phase, through the ß-phase to the full launch. Several workshops with the entire communications team were conducted to drive commitment to new ways of working. The team jointly developed principles of cross-functional collaboration; moving away from a strict separation between internal and external communication towards a more topic-centric approach. Clear content channel responsibilities were defined, new meeting routines developed, and a fully digital editorial planning created for close collaboration. In parallel, Globeone supported with the integration of regional communication teams to leverage synergies in content creation and distribution on a global scale.

Effective internal and external messaging

The introduction of a Communication Hub concept at Covestro has been a full success. With a strategic topic focus, cross-functional project teams, an integrated editorial planning and efficient meeting routines, Covestro and Globeone laid the basis to accelerate internal and external communication impact in the coming years.

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