Positioning an industry icon with 125 years of heritage as a purpose-driven technology leader

How to revitalize an industry icon?

ABB, the Swiss industry icon with a 125-year history and about 136,000 employees worldwide, launched its Next Level strategy in late 2014. The brand, however, had yet to follow: a heterogeneous portfolio of brands was hindering ABB from unlocking the full value of its innovative and digital offering.

Purpose-driven transformation of ABB’s corporate brand and the push towards a master brand

Within less than 6 months the new brand strategy and architecture had to be defined and translated into a purpose-driven, customer focused, digital first visual and verbal identity, ready to be launched at ABB’s Capital Markets Day. The size and decentralized heritage of ABB meant that standard approaches would struggle, and an agile, phased methodology was needed. By bringing team-oriented experts from inside the company together with different agencies and experts at our Zurich office, Globeone ensured collaboration at eye level and at one table – from leading a complex strategy definition to enabling a smooth brand implementation.

Let’s write the future. Together.

ABB’s brand transformation and migration are still on-going. However, ABB’s initiatives have already resulted in meaningful value, with a 21 percent increase in brand equity since 2016. Feedback and commitment from internal and external audiences remain very positive, and we continue to co-pilot our client on this shared journey with strategy advice, brand expertise and integrated communication knowledge.

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