Using a network to transform collaboration spaces

Transforming working spaces to meet the new normal.

The global reinsurance company, Swiss Re decided to bringing “new ways of working” to a next level by developing and testing a new hybrid workplace concept focused on bringing together various functions into collaborative spaces. A pilot space was developed using input from employees across different functions and regions within the company. In order to successfully launch the pilot, Swiss Re needed a partner who could help create buy-in across key stakeholder groups and develop a network of change agents that would help facilitate the adoption of the new concept.

Using communication to effectively implement change.

Together with the internal project team, Globeone developed and implemented a change communications plan that strategically positioned the pilot concept within a network of over 1,000 employees. A various stakeholder groups very impacted in different ways, it was essential for Globeone to create tailored messaging for each group. The stakeholder change messaging was derived from the corporate purpose. Regular feedback rounds and pulse checks were conducted within stakeholder groups to measure their change acceptance and be sure they felt part of the change.

The start for a new era.

The pilot concept was launched in 2021. Feedback and learnings lay an important basis for further initiatives in the area of new work.

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