Understanding global customer needs for a breakthrough mobility service offering

Launching a disruptive technology.

Lilium is a unicorn start-up company focused on building the world’s first service for high-speed air mobility through its electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts. Lilium pursued disruptive ideas for sustainable mobility but lacked insights into its future markets. The electric vehicle take-off and landing (eVTOL) company conducted an online customer survey for a key market and needed a partner to transform the data into insights that would influence and expand its strategy.

From questions to answers about the market.

Globeone used its expertise to create an understanding of the client’s market and potential customer segmentation. The analysis provided a first impression on the acceptable price range for its services, expected service adoption rate, estimated potential market size as well as indicated the attractors and detractors of the service. From the initial analysis, Globeone ideated how to expand the research methodology globally, as well as how to collect insights through additional qualitative and quantitative research and foresight methodologies that would set the foundation for future brand management related activities.

Solid foundation for future research.

Through our work, Lilium gained a deeper understanding of their market and was able to make strategic decisions. The results formed a well-founded basis for collecting insights, necessary for further research globally.

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