Automotive Brand Battle In China

What positioning strategies Chinese and German automakers are using to score points in China

In China, the days are over when Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes had virtually no alternative and consequently dominated the street scene in the centers of Chinese metropolises. The “New Forces,” as the manufacturers of innovative electric vehicles are known in China, are pushing past the German premium brands. It is high time to take a closer look at Chinese customer preferences and the positioning strategies of the “new forces” in comparison to the electric models of the German premium brands. What do customers want? What are the manufacturers promising? What features are they focusing on? And how consistently are the brands managed in China?

GLOBEONE’s exclusive analysis also allows initial conclusions to be drawn about what German manufacturers will have to prepare for when e-cars – often positioned in China as supercomputers on four wheels – increasingly roll into Europe and Germany in the coming months and years.


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