Purpose Driven Brand Management

Discussion Paper: Purpose-driven Brand Management in Transformations

Transformations are omnipresent for companies – and continuously present brands with entirely new challenges. Brands must respond to new business realities, ensure flexibility, reflect diversity, integrate sustainability, leverage technology, and inspire people. This often requires a completely new approach to brand development and activation. A strong purpose can provide orientation on the transformation journey as a north star – if it is activated credibly within the organization beyond a pure marketing statement.

With our discussion paper, we would like to provide initial food for thought on what constitutes successful purpose-geared brand management. We explore questions such as: Where can purpose be anchored within the existing brand model? How do companies achieve a credible purpose positioning? Which brand strategies can be observed in the context of transformations? And what will the brand architectures of the future look like?

Download the paper for free – we wish you an exciting read and are happy to discuss your individual transformation challenges and thoughts in more detail anytime.


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