Attract and retain talent through employer branding

Employer Branding: Attracting and retaining talent with Purpose

In the competition for skilled workers, purpose is increasingly becoming a differentiating “value” for the employer brand and positioning. However, common employer value proposition (EVP) models often fail to bridge the gap to a company’s purpose. However, companies are missing out on huge potential if they do not also use their purpose for employer branding. Globeone has therefore developed a modified EVP model in which purpose is used to target talent.

The new EVP model lays the foundation for convincing employer branding. It integrates purpose as a meaningful element of the corporate brand in the employee and talent approach. It combines the emotional and functional approach to create a holistic employer brand experience. And it creates a common frame of reference for marketing, communication and HR and thus the basis for fruitful collaboration between these areas of the company – for successful employer branding that promises long-term success.

Find out how you can use Purpose to retain employees and decisively counter the shortage of skilled workers! And learn from three examples of convincing and successful employer branding campaigns how you too can optimize your employer positioning!


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