The Image of German Brands After The VW Diesel Deception

The very positive image of German brands in international markets has not been severely affected by the major scandal that shook Germany’s largest automotive conglomerate Volkswagen. As a sign of quality and trust, the perception of “Made in Germany” remains strong and competitive. However, the use of software in millions of diesel cars in order to manipulate the results of emission tests has deeply impacted on the trust in the VW brand in some of the largest automotive markets. Globeone introduces the first substantial survey on the image of German brands in international markets after the VW scandal with reliable data from interviews of 1.500 consumers in China, the U.S., and Germany. The survey highlights the following aspects:

  • Image and awareness of the strongest German brands in the U.S., China and Germany
  • Correct recognition of the German brand origin
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis of “Made in Germany” and German brands in general
  • Analysis of industries in which German brands are regarded as first choice
  • Focus on automotive: brand trust and willingness to buy for the top automotive brands
  • General relevance of the of country-of-origin (COO) image


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