Image of German Brands Study 2018

  • “America First” puts German brands under pressure: 46% of Trump supporters want to buy fewer German brand names.
  • Hardly perceived as innovative: Only 23% of German consumers expect life-changing innovations from Germany in the coming years
  • Diesel scandal: Only 36% of German consumers still trust German car manufacturers; recovery from the diesel scandal in the USA and China

In the past two years, Germany has defended its position as the leading country of origin of high-quality brands. But the headwind for German products is increasing: Trump’s “America First” policy is damaging German brands in the USA, German consumers have little confidence in the innovative power of domestic brand manufacturers and the diesel scandal is shaking confidence in German car manufacturers, especially in Germany. These are the most important results of the new study “The Image of German Brand Names 2018” by the international management consultancy Globeone. At the end of 2017, the company asked more than 1,500 consumers in Germany, the USA and China about their opinion of over 50 leading German brands.



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