Aktivierung des Zwecks in einer Abteilung der europäischen Ikone der Luft- und Raumfahrt


Syngenta Group, the agricultural tech- Expertise nology and innovation company, wanted to augment its brand identity with acoustic elements. With its diferent business units Syngenta Crop Protection, Syngenta Seeds, ADAMA and Syngenta Group China operating under its umbrella, the company wanted to enrich its global brand experience with its own sound identity.


Globeone accompanied Syngenta Group on its journey of brand sound development. Together with external partners and sound designers, the Group faced the task of creating one or more sound identities that would be attractive to various stakeholders across countries: globally and in China. While globally Syngenta Group stands for a global innovation powerhouse, in China it is perceived as a key local player in modernizing agriculture and technology. In a first step, Globeone undertook a well-founded background research on peers and best practice across the industry to learn more how B2B brands can diferentiate through their sound identity and which brand touchpoints make the biggest diference. Then, after aligning on the project scope and goals, Globeone assisted in the process of sound design done by the sound specialists “why do birds” and “Pacific Entertainment Media” .


After having launched its audio branding, Syngenta Group was awarded with the Red Dot Award, one of the most renowned hallmarks of quality granted for outstanding brand / product and communication design. Through the mixture and harmony of diferent instruments and sounds, the agricultural leader created an acoustic essence of its company’ s spirit.


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