Purpose-Driven Transformation

Posted on: January 18, 2022 at 9:38 am, in

Purpose-Driven Transformation Transformation is not everybody’s thing. And over the decades, many corporations have forgotten what their purpose is. That’s why we have become experts in helping large corporations to transform their brands & businesses in line with their purpose. Get ready to push your boundaries. We are passionate co-pilots on your mission to TRANSFORM […]

Organization, Culture & Change

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Organization, Culture & Change Identification with your organization and culture only happens if there’s a clear compass and engaging theme that connects your employees across functions and businesses. We support our clients in building their very own, performance-oriented culture, centered around a shared purpose to drive employee engagement and commitment to the firm’s strategy. Together, […]

Brand Management

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Brand Management During transformations, strategic portfolio decisions such as acquisitions, carve-outs, spin-offs, or IPOs change the corporate structure and significantly impact a company’s brand portfolio. We help our clients develop, revise, and adapt their brand strategy to ensure their corporate brand & portfolio brands fully support their business. We define the brand positioning and the […]

Corporate Communication

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Corporate Communication Corporate communication is the strategic driver of a company’s reputation and, in times of constant change, is especially important to efficiently explain business priorities to an increasingly complex set of stakeholders. At the same time, corporate communication functions are subject to massive adjustment pressure and must increasingly assert itself alongside marketing. We support […]