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WeChat – The Chinese App for Everything

It turned six years old on January 21, 2017. And it already boasts more than 850 million monthly active users,…

Digital Transformation – The End of Branding as We Know it

The rush into the digital sphere is challenging the ability of companies to build and sustain successful brands. Digitalization now…

Brand Origin and Perceived Foreignness Matter

Brand Building and Marketing in Key Emerging Markets 25 Strategies and Frameworks for Brand Growth Part VIII Welcome yet again…

The Internet of Things and the Purpose of Brands

The Internet of Things (IoT) has moved beyond the realm of prediction, conference panels and planning. It is no longer…

Mobile Chinese online shoppers are transforming the economy

On Singles´ Day 2016 (November 11), China´s E-Commerce giant Alibaba smashed its own sales record with a turnover of almost…

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